Cancellation & Refund


How to cancel a subscription on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
    iPhone showing the Subscriptions menu option in Settings.
  4. Tap the subscription.
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription. You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled.

How to request a refund

  1. Sign in to
  2. Tap or click "I'd like to," then choose "Request a refund." 
    iPhone showing the Report a Problem website where you can request a refund. After you choose Request a refund, choose the reason why you're asking for the refund.
  3. Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.
  4. Choose the app, subscription, or other item, then choose Submit. If you were charged for a subscription that you no longer want, you can also cancel the subscription.  

If you can't request a refund on

  • If the charge is pending, you canʼt request a refund yet. After the charge goes through, try to request a refund again.
  • If you have an unpaid order, you need to pay for that order before you request a refund. You might need to update your payment information.
  • If you don't know why you were charged, review your family members' purchases. If you're the family organizer, tap or click the Apple ID button, then choose All. Purchases charged to your shared payment method appear.


Cancel subscription Android/Google Play

Steps to cancel a subscription on the Google Play app.
Important: When you uninstall the app, your subscription won't cancel.

  1. Go to your subscriptions.
    • On an Android device: 
      1. Open the Google Play app Google Play.
      2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
      3. Tap Payments & subscriptions and then Subscriptions.
  2. Under “Subscriptions,” check the list of subscriptions for expired subscriptions or subscriptions with declined payment methods. 
Tip: If you have a subscription with an app and the app gets removed from Google Play, your future subscription will be canceled. Your past subscriptions will not be refunded.

What happens after you cancel

When you cancel a subscription you’ll still be able to use your subscription for the time you’ve already paid.

For example, if you buy a one-year subscription on Jan. 1 for $10 and decide to cancel your subscription on July 1:

  • You’ll have access to the subscription until Dec. 31.
  • You won’t be charged another yearly subscription of $10 the following Jan. 1.


Google doesn't give refunds for most Google Play purchases. However, there are exceptions detailed below. You can also contact the developer directly. The developer can help with purchase issues and can process refunds according to their policies and applicable laws.

Refund policy

  1. Within 48 hours: You may be able to get a refund depending on the details of the purchase. Follow these instructions. 
  2. Open a mobile browser (like Chrome).
  3. At the top, enter 
  4. Tap Menu Menuand then Account and then Purchase History.
  5. On the order, select Request a refund or Report a problem and choose the option that describes your situation.
  6. Complete the form and note that you would like a refund.
  7. You will see a message saying "Thank you for sharing your concerns." You'll then get an email with your refund decision. You’ll usually get this within 15 minutes, but it can take up to 4 business days.
  8. After 48 hours: Contact the developer to troubleshoot and find out if you can get a refund. Developers have their own policies and legal requirements and may be able to give you a refund. 

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