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What is Wineries Estate?

The Wineries Estate program is an efficient solution for attracting new clients, tracking ad effectiveness, and retaining existing clientele.

We’ve created an affordable marketing tool suitable for any sized business.

The user process is simple: download the app, subscribe, and pay your fees through the App store.

The Wineries Estate app has everything you need to promote and grow your wine business:

1. Referral Program
2. Rewards Program
3. Points System
4. Memberships and VIP
5. Perks System
6. Loyalty Program
7. Punch Card
as well as further custom-tailored functions.

Why Us?

We deeply believe that wineries, breweries and tasting facilities are really special kinds of business that require a distinctive marketing perspective. That is why we created a totally customizable referral and rewards app that works for businesses of any size. The Wineries Estate app is the best way to decrease customer acquisition costs while keeping your existing customers loyal and satisfied. Customers appreciate complementary things, and research shows that existing clients will happily share their referral code with family, friends, and colleagues to enjoy the perks associated with this small action.

Choosing Your System

The Wineries Estate App offers two options to choose from: shared standard or custom.
The custom branded app is exclusively curated for your business which indicates your business’s name and logo.
You can choose the most suitable set of options based on your business's goals. Let us help you create a new way of marketing your business and lead you to growth and success.

Referral Program

A referral program is the best way to decrease customer acquisition costs while keeping the existing customers happy and loyal. We created a seamless marketing tool to help your business grow, while maintaining customer engagement. The app has an SMS invite function available, making it simple for customers to share their referral codes. With the Wineries Estate app, your venture into the world of referral will be easy and highly fruitful.

Ad Tracking

The Wineries Estate Program is an easy and extremely effective solution to track advertisement campaigns using referral codes. No matter where you post the ad, whether it be social media, magazines, banners near your location, or any other advertising platforms, the Wineries Estate Program helps you with analytic tracking. You can post the same ad on various platforms using different referral codes to implement the best tracking outcome. In this way, you could better understand which form of advertisement works well and is appealing to a new client, as well as which channel is most effective.

Social Media Solutions

The program is designed to leverage your use of social media to attract new clientele. It automatically generates interest in your business's products and services, retains customers, and encourages repeat purchases. We offer you perks - codes that are generated to treat the most loyal and active customers. The Wineries Estate App automatically get clients involved in the perks collection making them constantly engaged with your website and social media accounts. Perks can be collected at your business's location, in emails, with a birthday or holiday greeting, on blogs, websites, social media platforms, or you can even give them out in person such as during experiential marketing campaigns. Each perk code can only be collected once per person. Perks help promote activity and persuade extra interest which allows your business to be the favorable choice.

Google Reviews

Are you familiar with the situation when you have many clients who are satisfied with your business, but there are few reviews about your work? Unfortunately, clients don’t see giving positive feedback as a necessity. With this in mind, we have added a feature that will reward your customers for leaving a review on Google through the Wineries Estate app. A little reward is an incentive to remember to recommend your business.

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