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What results should I expect after implementing loyalty and rewards program for my winery estate?

A loyalty program is a system of tangible and intangible rewards that are needed to turn one-time customers into regular customers and encourage them to buy more often and spend more funds.

Most people associate a loyalty program with bonus cards. However, discounts are only the visible part of the iceberg. The main goal of the loyalty program is to build long-term relationships. Only sincere attention along with an individual approach will convince customers to stay with you for a long time.

A good loyalty program helps to increase the customer's lifetime value (LTV), the loyalty index (NPS), and grow brand advocates, who are especially useful because they attract new customers themselves. Your regular clients would recommend your winery to their friends and family, and you could fuel their interest by offering them bonuses for their loyalty and referral.

To encourage customers to come back to you again and buy more, develop a system of levels, or statuses. In addition to material privileges, the status allows the buyer to feel like a VIP person. It is good when the loyalty program includes not only discounts but also useful gifts for the most valuable customers. You could give your customers a VIP status based on the amount they spent in your winery estate monthly, or let them purchase the membership for a fixed amount of money.

If you can include the company's values in the loyalty program, it will be easier for you to establish an emotional connection with customers and build long-term relationships with them. It's worth trying for this. Studies show that buyers who are emotionally attached to the brand have a lifetime value (LTV) 4 times higher. So don't hesitate to try a loyalty and rewards program for your winery estate!

Everyone loves surprises. Think about what you can surprise your regular customers with. Even a pleasant trifle, if you do not expect it, causes more positive emotions than a guaranteed and previously known gift. For example, you could give your customer a bottle of featured wine for 3 packs of wine bought in a month.

Think about whether you can connect other companies to the loyalty system. By combining, you will be able to give customers much more opportunities and advantages. For example, you could cooperate with a cheese or fruit producer to fulfill the client's wine purchase.

Create an online community for members of the loyalty program. Encourage them to communicate with each other and share experiences. This will increase the loyalty of your consumers and help you get information about their preferences, product reviews, and other consumer content.

No wonder people say that everything brilliant is simple. The loyalty system, the terms of which the participants can quickly understand and remember, will help to get more regular customers. To learn more about Wineries Estate loyalty and rewards program contact us today!

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