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What Your Business Needs Now to Achieve Its Goals!

Almost all small businesses should have the same basic goals. However, not all of them are in the same financial situation. How well your business is doing is a crucial element when it comes to meeting these goals of Acquiring new customers, increasing your customer's value, and lowering your marketing expenses. We did the legwork and surveyed over 2,300 small businesses in a variety of markets all across North America. When it came to profit levels there were 3 basic categories.

  • Profitable businesses looking to expand – 29% of the businesses we talked to fell into this category. Almost all of them had a working business plan in place. They implemented their strategy, not just every month, but made sure it was carried out weekly as well as daily. The owners of these businesses had a system in place that resulted in high levels of employee accountability. Marketing was re-invested at a rate of 15% of their revenue budget.
  • Low & Negative Profit businesses – 52 % of businesses were in this category. Almost invariably, these businesses had no working business plan. Most were taking indifferent action with a mid-level commitment to vital business factors. These owners were seeing accountability from their employees at medium to low levels. In this category, marketing was rarely invested at higher than 5% of gross revenue.
  • Businesses on the verge of bankruptcy or closure – 19% of surveyed businesses fell here. These businesses had no economical plan to speak of. The failure of these businesses was due in part to the fact that they were investing less than 1% of their revenue into marketing.

After taking a careful look at this data, we were able to draw 3 irrefutable conclusions.

  1. Almost all businesses want the same results and have identical goals.
  2. There is an easy roadmap to success. Businesses should not only have a great economical action plan but adjust it daily to fit changing circumstances. By fastidiously sticking to this plan, the competition will be consistently outperformed.
  3. Marketing re-investment is crucial. It is the foundation of increased sales. Marketing investment will generate awareness, conversion, and engagement with your target market. Only 52% of businesses are putting enough money into marketing. All of them that do, are seeing significant profits on their balance sheets.

We developed Wineries Estate for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of small businesses. We do this for thousands of customers all across North America in 29 different industries. The results we have achieved are a testament to our proven strategy. We are designed to help you accomplish 3 important goals in marketing.

First, we help you acquire new customers, increase the value of each one, and reduce your marketing costs. Second, our consultants will work with you to create a proven strategy design that will bring your business maximum results (your economical action plan). With a minimum average return of 530% on investment, the math speaks for itself! Last, we will reduce your marketing costs while still increasing your results. You will be seeing the same results as the top percentile of money generating businesses. However, you will be getting them at a much lower cost!

So visit our website or just give us a call at 1-877-482-4678. We are here to take your business to the next level and beyond!

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