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What Is Brand Advocacy?

Many consumers have heard the term "brand ambassador" used to describe someone, often a celebrity or other well-known individual or group, who receives payment to represent and promote a brand publicly in positive ways to build or improve company and brand recognition and increase customer engagement and revenues. Although "brand advocates" can describe these ambassadors, the separate term is commonly used to refer to customers who regularly promote a company even though they aren't "officially" affiliated with it or paid to promote its brand.

Why Brand Advocacy Matters
Business owners who want to spread their brand message or increase brand awareness don't need to rely on brand ambassadors and traditional advertising campaigns. Word-of-mouth advertising, in-person, face-to-face and online reviews and testimonials are just as powerful and more targeted in many ways. After all, consumers often use the real-life experiences of other consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. They want to know if a brand is worth their time, and they don't only want to be "told" it is by a paid celebrity or marketing rep. 

Yet, how can a business owner motivate their customers to become brand advocates? On one hand, they can always ask a customer to leave feedback. It's a "tried and true" method that works. On the other, this method fails to provide a steady stream of reviews at a brand advocacy level that lasts and always opens the door for a customer to provide negative feedback.

Rewards Inspire and Motivate 
The best method for motivating customers to share positive reviews about a company or brand with the public and their social connections, such as family members, friends, coworkers, and classmates, is via a loyalty and rewards program. Rewards-style programs inspire loyalty to a brand because customers are made to feel that they're valued by a company every time they receive a reward for investing their money in that company's products and services. A loyalty and rewards program acts as an incentive. Customers will want to share their positive experiences because they're actively engaged in a positive way with a company on a regular basis.
Wineries Estate can help any business owner inexpensively add this fantastic promotional tool to their advertising toolbox. For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss using rewards to turn customers into brand advocates, contact a member of our experienced Wineries Estate team today.

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