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Software is King!

In the smart card game, software is king.  In order to have a successful marketing campaign, you need a reliable software and proven marketing systems in place. In fact, these elements make or break your business.  If your software can't be customized easily to meet your needs and connect you to your customers, you'll have trouble getting ahead.

Wineries Estate is the solution that can help. Business owners who use our software find it easy-to-use, reliable, secure, and comprehensive. They know they can count on our software to make their marketing campaigns successful.

The ability to use multiple software configurations for your business is the secret to success. Depending on your package, your Wineries Estate program can include:  Gift Program, Loyalty Program, Rewards Program, VIP Program, and even a CRM Program.

Imagine having the access to a marketing tool that can be adapted to your business needs with a push of a button. That is what we have for you!

In addition to the numerous software configurations, our system provides your business with the proven marketing methods of use, e-blasts, SMS blasts, and more.  In fact, each Wineries Estate card in itself holds an entire marketing system, ready to help your business succeed.

Do you have configurations that are very specific to your business? Do those configurations cost in the tens of thousands? Do not worry! Wineries Estate IT engineers can write your software specific to your business goals with user-friendliness in mind.  Advanced configurations come standard with our Platinum Packages. 

Wineries Estate is your ultimate marketing solution. Stay ahead of your competition by getting more out of your marketing tools. Offer more value to your customers for less and watch your profits grow!

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