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How Marketing Has Been Impacted By COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, many businesses were negatively affected. Doors were forced to close, and businesses were required to think quickly about moving online or putting things on hold. Marketing has always been an ever-changing industry. With the impact of COVID-19 business owners were required to make big changes overnight. But, shifting to online isn’t simple or quick as there’s a lot to understand. COVID-19 changed the way business was done, especially how marketing was executed. 

National Lockdown
Businesses, schools, and offices were all forced to close, and peopleto stay home. With the changes that we were required to face, methods of marketing that required daily in-person traffic were no longer as effective. Billboards were practically unseen as individuals were no longer continuing their daily commute, trade shows were canceled, and just about any form of in-person marketing was put to a halt.

The Role of Social Media
Digital marketing saw a rise when the pandemic hit. It was practically the only form of marketing that was accessible and effective during a nationwide lockdown. Digital sales, website traffic, and social media marketing all had significant growth during this shift. Many individuals were making purchases directly through social media platforms and a significant number of business owners were now exploring the use of social media marketing. Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels. Brands can use it to communicate with their audience in order to establish their image during a crisis as well as maintain a connection with customers. It has become even more relevant to work with virtual assistants, chatbots, and support communication as the shift was made.

Marketing Content Influenced By COVID-19
The type of content creation also took a big shift. Businesses were now relating how their products and services could help individuals during the pandemic. Whether it provided comfort, ease, safety, or protected health, businesses began to shift their marketing goals with a focus around COVID-19. We saw a rise in the use of video calling platforms such as Zoom that helped upkeep communication, an increase in sales for protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer, and greater services that assisted individuals in getting through this tough time. Businesses now had a significant opportunity to introduce new products and services that circled around COVID-19.

The changes that have occurred during the pandemic in the marketing industry will also determine how the future is impacted. Marketing has, and always will be important. Sometime’s pivoting is necessary to stay afloat. Digital marketing has brought many positive changes to business owners. If you are looking to introduce digital marketing campaigns into your business, contact us today to speak to a marketing specialist from Wineries estate. Be ready for whatever is thrown your way in the business world.

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