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How Loyalty Programs Benefit Winery Businesses


With a loyalty and rewards program brands establish long-term relationships with their audience: attract new customers, increase the loyalty of existing customers, increase the size of the average receipt and sales. Stores and wineries need to show their advantage and keep the customer from switching to competitors. To do this, companies create systems for awarding regular visitors — loyalty programs. Let us tell you what a loyalty program is, what tasks it solves and how to choose the appropriate tool format.

What is a loyalty and rewards program?

The loyalty program is a system of encouraging regular customers, for their commitment to the brand, customers receive discounts and bonuses. It increases the attractiveness of your winery estate in comparison with the competitors’ one.

The tool is not new. In the Middle Ages, merchants gave out copper tokens to the most loyal customers, which were exchanged for certain goods for a reduced price. In the XX century, loyalty programs were a privilege, they were used mainly by premium hotels and airlines. Today, this tool is available to every type of business, both a multinational corporation and a small cozy coffee shop. Wineries are not an exclusion, Many wineries are already offering loyalty and rewards programs to encourage clients’ loyalty. Why not try the approach for your business?

What results to expect?

A properly designed loyalty program can help:
to retain customers who bring the greatest profit, to increase the average receipt and the frequency of purchases from those who buy less, to reduce the cost of casual customers;

establish constant communication with customers, you can thank them for large purchases or find out the reasons for a decrease in activity;

collect a high-quality database of addresses and phone numbers, so you could send them  holiday greetings to remind them of your winery business;

get valuable information about your customer’s behavior;

increase brand credibility and awareness;

create a consumer segment where you can test new products or offers;

monitor changes in consumer behavior and effectively influence it (provided that the quality level of the product and service corresponds to the degree of attractiveness of the program);

save on attracting new customers;

optimize marketing expenses through personal offers;

attract regular customers to promote the product;

motivate not only customers but also the staff.

Loyalty and reward program for your winery business

We have created an opportunity to tailor a Loyalty and Rewards Program for the winery business. We designed our unique Wineries Estate loyalty and rewards program to showcase the wonderful philosophy of winery estates. Promote award-winning wines of your winery business offering special rewards, exclusive wines, and VIP club-only events for your most loyal customers. You can also offer your most loyal clients to be among the first ones to enjoy your special new product launches, vintage or exclusive wines. 

Don’t miss the chance to reward your customers for their regular participation in your hospitality offerings and loyalty to your brand. Wineries Estate Loyalty and rewards program provides you an opportunity of ensuring your permanent customers with all the best in terms of service and quality.
Contact us today to implement the Wineries Estate program into your winery estate business.

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